Once you find the Pont de Suert, go to the Parque Nacional d’Aigües Tortes and Estany de Sant Maurici. After the Baths of Caldes de Boí, you will find the reservoir of Cavallers at the end of the road. A track marked with yellow signs that begins at the reservoir itself, will bring you to the door of the refuge.
Estimated arrival time: 2h-2h30m.
Check out the map for further information.


69 places
W.C. and cold water
Radio station
Food and beverage service
Emergency shelter added for 8 people


Price List
Overnight and Breakfast: 31 €
Diner: 21.00 €
Picnic bag: 13.70
Half Board: 52 €
Full Board: 65.70 €


Price List FEEC
Overnight and Breakfast: 27,80 €
Diner: 21.00
Picnic bag: 13.70 €
Half Board: 48.80 €
Full Board: 62.50 €


Price List CEC
Overnight and Breakfast: 24,20 €
Diner: 17.30 €
Picnic bag: 12.60 €
Half Board: 41.50 €
Full Board: 54,10 €

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