. The emergency shelter is a part attached to Refugio J. Ventosa i Calvell, the entrance is on the South facade.

. The emergency shelter will only be open when the stored part is not in operation.

. The function of the emergency shelter is to offer shelter to everyone who needs it when the stored part is closed.

. For security reasons, we advise against the over-occupation of the refuge with organized activities.

. It is the obligation of the users to maintain the emergency shelter, clean and in good conditions of use.

. The guard can not guarantee the state of the refuge or that the entrance door is clean of snow.

. In winter it is essential to bring a shovel.

. The emergency shelter is a very important security element in case of bad weather as well as in accident situation

. An emergency station will put you in touch with the fire department.



Places – 6
Mattresses – Yes
Blankets – Yes
Heating – No
Gaz – No
Kitchen – No
Kitchenware – No
Table – Yes
Benches – Yes
Light – No
Extinguisher - Yes

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